Beautiful War II: The Ruin will be out this month!

Hello!  It’s been a bit since I last spoke up, and I have a long series of delays, work issues, and a pandemic or two to thank for the delay.  I previously suggested I’d have a book out in October 2019, and that quite simply did not happen.  But no(t much) more waiting!  I have a joyful announcement!

I would like to announce that Beautiful War Book II: The Ruin is finally available for pre-order!  The Ruin is available as an e-book at several major vendors for $6.99, and is available for print on demand at Amazon for $14.99.  The book’s official release date is 21 February, 2022, but you can preorder it today!

This book is a direct sequel to Beautiful War Book I: The Waste, which I doubt will come as a surprise.  If you enjoyed that book, I hope you also enjoy seeing heroes both old and new on another journey.  If you haven’t read The Waste, I encourage you to do so, but The Ruin will have enough explanations to fill in anything important you might have missed.  I’m very proud of this latest work, and I’ve been sitting on it for longer than I preferred, waiting to share it with you.

The vendor links are on my Books page, which you can find right here!

The Ruin’s description is as follows:

Two years after the Golden War, Amirand’s nations are struggling to rebuild when young veteran Arcley Soara encounters a new threat: the Dismal Empire, emerging unprovoked from a forgotten land to the south and spilling fire across the countryside.  Arcley and her friends race to learn about the Empire’s mystical powers and give their nations a fighting chance—before the Empire brings to ruin everything they love.

The Ruin is an epic tale of war, loyalty, guilt, hope, naiveté, and growth—of daring struggles in a harsh and beautiful world.

Warning: The Ruin contains intense violence, sex, mentions of sexual assault, and strong language.  It may not be for everyone.


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