Vampires as Allegory: A Video Essay

I tried something new! I’ve been experimenting with video editing, and I’m pleased to introduce my new youtube channel, where I’ll post video essays about books, games, movies, and all sorts of stuff. I’ve already got a ton of footage and plenty of ideas lined up, and I intend these videos as shorter, more flexible bits of content than my rare novels.

The first of these essays is an analysis of vampire fiction, from its origins in folklore and superstition, to its gothic horror heyday, to different odd ways it’s been interpreted since then. I also talk about how vampires have been used allegorically, how they’ve reflected society’s homophobia and sexism, and even a few darker insights on how they’ve been used as a cheap sexual assault metaphor. I look far back into the subgenre’s history while paying homage to some of my favorite bits of vampire fiction.

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