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Programming and the ProblemProofReader

The last few months have been… weird for me. To summarize, I’ve been studying programming and software development in my free time since the beginning of 2020, trying to find a way into a field I’ve always wanted to work in. I lost my pharmacy job in June due to mental health issues, and over … More Programming and the ProblemProofReader

Upcoming Release: Beautiful War Book II, The Ruin

After years of writing and editing, I’m happy to announce the release of Beautiful War II: The Ruin!  This is a direct sequel to The Waste, beginning two years after the end of that story and featuring characters both old and new.  Here’s the synopsis: In the aftermath of the Golden War, survivors are struggling … More Upcoming Release: Beautiful War Book II, The Ruin

What’s Next?

Spitfire is complete, and I really enjoyed working on it!  The novel’s chapters will stay up and be freely accessible for the foreseeable future.  If you enjoy the novel, or you know someone who might, I’d truly appreciate you recommending it to others. With that project out of the way, though, things are going to … More What’s Next?

Spitfire Epilogue

Hallelujah ~ There was no going back to the way things were.  Smiles and laughs and comfy evenings, those were behind us.  I knew that for sure by the time we both got out of the hospital in Ingram.  Whatever had happened to Dick had changed him. He wore his leg in a cast and … More Spitfire Epilogue

Spitfire Chapter 24

Spitfire ~ I was less clear on the basement’s layout since it wasn’t on any of the plans Skylar had found.  I got the sense the basement had been dug out after the building’s completion, and I couldn’t go crazy with grenades.  Not because of support beams or load-bearing points or anything.  Dick was down … More Spitfire Chapter 24