Spitfire, a gangster web novel. A new chapter first thing every Tuesday.

I thought I’d do something fun, something to put a bit of life into this blog while I’m working on other things.  Immediately after I finished The Waste, I began a new novel, a story I never really intended to publish.  It was less a novel and more a collection of things I really like—gangsters, … More Spitfire, a gangster web novel. A new chapter first thing every Tuesday.

Spitfire Chapter 5

Overheating ~ I started carrying the gun around a lot more.  When I got out of the shower, I had it in the pocket of my robe.  When I slept, it was hidden under the covers.  On the second day afterward, someone knocked on my apartment door, someone with the wrong address.  I had the … More Spitfire Chapter 5

Spitfire Chapter 4

It Can’t Be Love ~ “You wanna tell me that again?” Dick said. I stared down at my boss, trying not to blink.  Instead of a desk, Dick was seated on the bed of his hotel room, but our casual setting did nothing to calm either of us.  “Let me rephrase that,” Dick said.  “Tell … More Spitfire Chapter 4

Spitfire Chapter 3

Slow Burn ~ Watching a house in broad daylight was probably the most boring thing I’d ever done—and I knew boring; I’d been in the Navy.  It was a nice house, certainly better than the apartment where I grew up, but mired in ritzy suburbia where the most exciting development was Jehovah’s Witnesses at the … More Spitfire Chapter 3

Spitfire Chapter 2

Love at First Sight ~ Earlier I hopped off the bus and trudged through the cold drizzle toward my apartment, gloved hands stuffed into my pockets.  And there he was again—the man on the bus had followed me, matching my steps like he was my shadow.  I sighted him in the side mirror of a … More Spitfire Chapter 2

Spitfire Chapter 1

Flames of Passion ~ The Blue Jay’s façade lit up brighter than ever before as flames spat from its windows, dancing in the night like tortured birds.  Its warmth coursed over my face, and the smoke, bitter and harsh, drove away every trace of Autumn’s brisk chill.  The street around us was deserted—no one was … More Spitfire Chapter 1

Upcoming Release: Beautiful War Book I, The Waste

It’s finally happening.  After a few years of feverish brainstorming, followed by a few years of stale procrastination followed by actual hard work, and then another few years that wouldn’t just get on with it, my first novel is ready to publish.  It’s called The Waste, the first of the Beautiful War series.  I’ll put … More Upcoming Release: Beautiful War Book I, The Waste