I’m Drew Crider, a writer, gamer, and all-around nerd with more than a few thoughts I wish I’d written down over the years.  I’ve tried my hand at drawing, painting, webcomics, fanfiction, and even video games, but now that I’m wise and learned enough to produce anything actually decent, I figure I might talk about what I do.
Right now I’m a twenty-something novelist with three books finished, one published.  The first novel is an epic fantasy tale about a prince who joins a resistance against his own homeland while grappling with his personal demons, and the second novel is a silly mess of gangsters, police interrogations, car chases, and guns that shoot fire.  If that sounds mismatched and bizarre to you, well, imagine how my friends feel knowing me.  But I hope you’ll enjoy my work once you take a look at it.  Until then, if you want, you can come here and listen to me ramble.  I’m an adult who generally deals with adults, so there may be some sensitive subjects here, but I’ll try to give them the respect and consideration they deserve.
I’ll talk about the video games I’m playing and what kind of stories I like.  I’ll talk about people and society and what I think of the human condition, and I’ll relate personal tales from when I was just a skinny white kid huddled in front of a computer, which has been my entire life.  Above all, I’ll try to be friendly, honest, and entertaining.
I welcome feedback and discussion with open arms and an open comment sections.  I’m as happy to hear from people who disagree with me as people who think my way.  I want to share my thoughts with you so I might enrich people’s lives as they so often enrich mine.

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