Here you can find purchase links for the novels I’ve published.  As of right now, there’s only one, but stay tuned.  You can also find links to the chapters of Spitfire, a novel I’m publishing online for free.

Beautiful War Book I: The Waste




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Chapter 1: Flames of Passion

Chapter 2: Love at First Sight

Chapter 3: Slow Burn

Chapter 4: It Can’t Be Love

Chapter 5: Overheating

Chapter 6: Tender Loving Care

Chapter 7: Wildfire

Chapter 8: Stop!  In the Name of Love

Chapter 9: Heat Coming Down

Chapter 10: Cold Shoulder

Chapter 11: Warming Up

Chapter 12: Field of Flames

Chapter 13: Oh! Darling

Chapter 14: Hot Blast

Chapter 15: Every Breath You Take

Chapter 16: Make It Bun Dem

Chapter 17: I Want to Hold Your Hand