Here you can find purchase links for the novels I’ve published.  I have two books up right now: The Waste, first in the Beautiful War fantasy series and currently for sale, and Spitfire, a gangster romance/thriller that you can read for free!

Beautiful War Book I: The Waste

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Chapter 1: Flames of Passion
Chapter 2: Love at First Sight
Chapter 3: Slow Burn
Chapter 4: It Can’t Be Love
Chapter 5: Overheating
Chapter 6: Tender Loving Care
Chapter 7: Wildfire
Chapter 8: Stop!  In the Name of Love
Chapter 9: Heat Coming Down
Chapter 10: Cold Shoulder
Chapter 11: Warming Up
Chapter 12: Field of Flames
Chapter 13: Oh! Darling
Chapter 14: Hot Blast
Chapter 15: Every Breath You Take
Chapter 16: Make It Bun Dem
Chapter 17: I Want to Hold Your Hand
Chapter 18: Fire and Rain
Chapter 19: Second Degree
Chapter 20: Ablaze
Chapter 21: Straight from the Heart
Chapter 22: It Won’t Be Long
Chapter 23: Burn My Dread
Chapter 24: Spitfire