Upcoming Release: Beautiful War Book II, The Ruin

After years of writing and editing, I’m happy to announce the release of Beautiful War II: The Ruin!  This is a direct sequel to The Waste, beginning two years after the end of that story and featuring characters both old and new.  Here’s the synopsis:

In the aftermath of the Golden War, survivors are struggling to rebuild Amirand when a new threat appears over the mountains: an empire poised to invade the war-torn land.  Arcley, a young forest guardian, sets out to gather allies against the empire while Catena, reluctant Queen of the Inavi, struggles to keep her healing nation together.  While realms apart, the two women must face their weaknesses, devise strategies, and stand against an enemy that threatens to destroy all they hold dear.

The Ruin is an epic tale of war, friendship, despair, hope, defeat, and revival—of daring struggles in a harsh and beautiful world.

Warning: The Ruin contains intense violence, mentions of sexual assault, and strong language.  It may not be for everyone.

You don’t have to read the first book to understand the second, but I hope you do, because The Ruin came about from me looking at a few of The Waste’s characters and realizing they had stories left to tell.  If you enjoyed The Waste—if you fell in love with Cadorus, Voyevoda, Jonathan, Arcley, Jack, and Catena—I’m certain you’ll enjoy The Ruin, where our heroes embark on a new journey and confront new enemies, new fears both physical and personal.  Because after all, Beautiful War is just about deadly battles and far-reaching wars.  It is about the struggles of those at the heart of conflict, how they live and love and die for what they believe in, and when pushed farther than ever before.

I’m anticipating a release date in October 2019.  The Ruin is almost 200,000 words long, about 1.25 times the length of The Waste and just a hair longer than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the longest novel in that series.  It’s a doorstopper of a novel, but I try not to waste time—The Ruin takes place across one year and two countries, with plenty of battles and campfire chats along the way.  It’ll be priced at $5.99 on e-book and likely a bit more on print.  You’ll find it on all your favorite vendors, and I’ve reached out to the same team of admirable allies to publish the novel: Hillary Wilson for cover art, JoAnn Collins for editing, and Dallas Hodge for formatting.

I hope that you’ll pick up The Ruin when it comes out, but more importantly, I hope you enjoy it.  It’ll be just a few months longer, and then I’ll be proud to invite you into my world yet again.


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