Spitfire, a gangster web novel. A new chapter every Tuesday.

I thought I’d do something fun, something to put a bit of life into this blog while I’m working on other things.  Immediately after I finished The Waste, I began a new novel, a story I never really intended to publish.  It was less a novel and more a collection of things I really like—gangsters, nice suits, gunfights, police investigations, puns, old romance songs, and disgruntled female leads carving their way through the world.  But the chapters strung together into a messy yet cohesive story that I called Spitfire.  Upon finishing this story, I essentially left it on a shelf to gather dust.

Now I’m taking it down.  I’ll be editing Spitfire into a new draft and publishing it here, chapter by chapter.  It’s a gritty, cynical sort of story about very bad people, but I hope it appeals to a few of you.  Better yet, I hope it gives you a taste of my writing, a free sample of the style I pour into the Beautiful War series.  Whether you pop in for a chapter or follow me to the end, I hope you enjoy the read.  I certainly enjoyed the tell.

So here it is, exposed to the public eye for the first time.  This is Spitfire: the story of a disgruntled ex-Navy servicewoman who gets a job with a criminal organization as a professional arsonist.  And I love that sentence more every time I say it.

You can read the first chapter here.


Warning: Spitfire contains graphic violence, explicit language, torture, sexual content, implied sexual assault, and police brutality.  It is not for kids.


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