Introducing some maps!

I’ve meant to do this for a while, but here they are.   The maps are on their own page under the heading Beautiful War, which you’ll see on the site’s header.  And here’s a link, in case you hate that little bar chasing your progress through the website and want to find my new page the old-fashioned way.

As I write the Beautiful War books, I construct simple digital maps of the relevant territories which I’d say are probably necessary for a reader to get a proper sense of the land’s geography and, more importantly, the heroes’ journey throughout it.  When working to actually publish The Waste, I re-drew the relevant maps by hand and edited them to be included in the book proper, but formatting requirements unfortunately meant the maps had to be shrunk significantly and rendered in black and white, to the point of near-uselessness.

Well, no more!  Maps for the currently released book are now up on the site, and I’ll add more as the series grows and the geography of Beautiful War grows with it.  The maps presented here are larger, more readable, and arguably nicer-looking than the maps included in the published book.  I hope you’ll marvel at my inhuman map-making prowess, or, at least, find the maps useful as you read.  Please enjoy.


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